Tough times — so bad?

It is tough to go to the gas pump and fill up my Eclipse and have a tab of $50+, that is for sure. It is also difficult when we see the housing market tanking and many people losing their homes through foreclosure. Of course, to listen to the media and many politicians the fault is summed up in one word — BUSH! — George W. Bush to be specific.

But is this really fair? As for gas/oil costs, much of the blame must be placed on the Congress, going back as far as the Carter administration, because they blocked our drilling for new oil and seeking other sources such as nuclear power. Now we are at the mercy (and not much of that) of many nations that hate us and desire to see American destroyed. A big part of the housing problem is because many people bought more than they could afford, lured by sub-prime adjustable rate loans, that moved the payment on their house higher than they could pay. That is just being irresponsible . . . again not President Bush’s fault.

The argument has been made, though facts, not emotions, by the Wall Street Journal that the economy has really not done that badly during the 7 1/2 years of the Bush administration. In an article by Keith Mardsen entitled Bush Has a Good Economic Record, facts are given by independent, non-partisan, sources.

Read it, consider it, don’t just listen to the political hacks and the mainstream media for your understanding of our economy.


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