Universal Health Care—Is it really the cure we need?

If you listen to the politicians, many times on both sides of the isle, we are in a health care crisis. But the truth is, if you have a real medical need you can and will receive medical attention. You may have to go to a hospital ER, and you may have to wait a couple of hours, but the hospital cannot turn you away, and that is the law.

But many of the politicians say that we need UHC, or socialized medicine. Often they will point to the Canadian system of medicine as a good model for us to follow. I was intrigued to read the following news item in the National Review this week (September 1 issue):

The left wing of the Democratic party still holds up Canada’s “single payer” — that is, entirely government-financed — health care system as a model. The latest innovation of that system: Overextended doctors are deciding which patients will get treated by drawing names out of a hat. The are rationing health care, in other words, by lottery. Dr. Ken Runciman of Ontario told Canada’s National Post that he had to cut his workload and couldn’t find a better method. ‘It was just my way of trying to minimize bias . . . rather than going through the list and saying “I don’t like you, and I don’t like you.'” Dr. Runciman has cut 100 patients from his practice, while another doctor in Newfoundland has cut 500 patients. All in all, too few Canadian doctors means approximately 5 million Canadians are now without family health care. What was that about “universal coverage”?



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