Audacity of Socialism — Rerun

UPDATE: This is a re-post from from September, but it has been pushed off the front page and in these last days before the election these are very, very important articles that should be widely read.

The Investor’s Business Daily has written a series of articles The Audacity of Socialism examining the past and present of Senator Obama.

It should be required reading for all who are “just not sure” about this years Presidential race in the U.S. Or those who need ammo for discussions with your friends or co-workers.


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One Response to “Audacity of Socialism — Rerun”

  1. C & G Williams Says:

    I had forgotten about your blog but rediscovered it a few days ago. Thanks for taking the time to keep us armed with reliable sources from which to share the truth. Of course, we are resting in the knowledge that we live under the will of a Sovereign God and that His purposes are only seen dimly, for now. Keep up the good fight!
    C & G Williams

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